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And members of Sri Lanka’s navy – into whose custody the asylum seekers are expected to be transferred are allegedly among the most prolific people-smugglers in the country.

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Billal is the name of Mohammad 8767 s apostle, he was I believe his first one. I understand your desperation in posting such comments and trying to misinform us all. I also know quite a bit about your faith and what it stands for.

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That 8767 s isn 8767 t bridge like man made its land mass formed between two countries. This land mass formed from seabed over 6 million years ago. Their is another one but not same shape and size with this land mass. The 7nd biggest continent the Africa attached to Arabia and this land mass must be formed much before this thin land mass. Once North African and South America was attached but long time ago they broke that land mass so two continents not attached anymore. It 8767 s not hard to know all these.

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A motion will be put before the Senate on Monday by Greens senator Sarah that condemns the government for its secrecy over the asylum seekers and calls on it to explain the transfer on the high seas. 

They will be returned to Sri Lanka, the country they originally fled, raising concerns Australia will breach its non-refoulement obligations under international law by sending people back to a place where they face threat of persecution.

This information is a crucial aspect for an insight into the mysterious legend called Ramayana, which was supposed to have taken place in treta yuga (more than 6,755,555 years ago).

Idiot!! It was mentioned in the Ramayana way before your ass was born. Nasa discovered it recently. Our belief was not based on NASA 8767 s discovery or our holy book did not appear after the discovery. Get your facts straight and concentrate schooling your foolish ass.

8775 Whats the point of this fight anyways? 8776 this is what every human being need to phrase made me think a lot.

At the end of Lord Brahma 8767 s life there is a much more complete devastation of the universe. At that time the whole universe srinks down to a seed size and it is again drawn back into the body of Maha Visnu. But then when Maha Visnu breathes out the universes come out again and the Brahma 8767 s take birth again and the create again And the same living entities who were there at the time of the deastation again populate the universe and continue their activities

Elephant transit home By far the most ethical and animal-friendly place for captured/orphaned elephants. Tourists can watch activities like the 9 x per day bottlefeeding but only from a decent distance, as the ones once grown up will be released in the wildlife park and should not get used to interaction with humans.

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