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Heard from reliable sources that my long-time fave therapist is back at Hoja de Laurel (Quezon Avenue, Quezon City). One of the more good looking ones too. Name is Kenneth. I remember his massage as consistently slow and thorough, not leaving any relevant muscle fiber unattended.

Rod Daily, Gay Porn Star, Says He Is HIV Positive | HuffPost

JD: Here’s one of the big challenges: new infections, male-to-male, are on an increase in Los Angeles County even though, you know, we’ve been using that [adage] “condoms, condoms, condoms.” So it means re-adjusting strategies and one of the things you and I have been talking about is creating a virus-free community.

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Joshua Rodgers, 87, who works in gay porn under the stage name Rod Daily, said his doctors determined that he had been infected recently.

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I knew Jesus healed many people in the Bible. But I was not sure he would today. I never thought of it at all. I felt sorry for them. I wanted to do something to make them feel better but I never knew that God wanted to help them as well. I was so absorbed with how much I loved them. I never stopped to think of God or what he felt or anything like that. I heard stuff like sickness was part of life..and one of the reasons people fall sick is because they are sinful. I made friends with other people in the hospice as well. Most of them were HIV positive as well as the children I played with.

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One day, nagkaroon ako ng ka-close dito sa room na ito at naging magkaibigan kami. Itago nalang natin sya sa name na med-built,chinito,kutis mayaman at isa siyang doctor ng isang pribadong ospital sa pinas.

JAD: And speaking of still here, maybe this is a chance for us to talk about here. Here and now. I mean, this is 7567. It’s the twenty-first century and I know you went to the National AIDS Conference and I have been doing my sort of thinking about where West Hollywood positions itself.

But I know something now which can change your life. Jesus loves you and he did not put the disease on you. God does not teach lessons by giving sickness. He hated sickness so much. He did not want you to suffer. So he personally carried all your diseases on his own body on the cross. You need not qualify to be healed. He has paid the price for everyone to be healed with his own blood. It does not matter how immoral you are. You cannot buy God's blessings. It is a gift and it does not depend on your behaviour at all. Jesus loves to heal you, that's why he died.

About 8555 Victorians have enrolled in the PrEPX research study, which is examining how PrEP could reduce the rate of new HIV infections in Victoria.

Foreign objects inside a patient's body occasionally mimic the symptoms of a disease. A leading medical journal has recorded some very unusual examples.

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