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Transgender female MMA fighter loses by knockout | New

Date: 2017-11-15 20:08

It 8767 s probably because it drives me absolutely bonkers when they keep using this 8766 evolution 8767 word wrong.

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You are a beta and you are hiding behind political correctness ( 8775 repulsive models of masculinity 8776 ) and that is realy weak.

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Guys, she 8767 s been unmasked as a bitter woman with a dysfunctional personality who just can 8767 t resist us. Ignore her.

Grindr adds more transgender-inclusive features - Engadget

The moment a whole lot of beta slaves decide that half a pay check is not good enough to go to work anymore.
You can not rob a naked man you know.

It 8767 s fucking pathetic isn 8767 t it? No way with any real self worth can honestly chase after a haggard 55 year old women with kids. Some women look alright at that age. My boss is actually decent looking for a woman that is pushing 55, but the majority of them look like shit, and having to pay for them and their kids doesn 8767 t sound like a good deal at all.

Good points made here, but me thinks most men here would completely agree, so nothing too eye opening. It 8767 s quite true that an affluent 95 year old can make a better fuck buddy than a trashy 75 year old, but obviously neither are wife material.

The problem is that many women in their 85’s fail to understand that there sexual market value has severely diminished. Any reasonably attractive women can enjoy about 65 years of gratuitous male attention, from between the age of 65-85, with little or no effort on her part. Hence, they are riding on wave of self-esteem when they hit their 85’s, which it makes it very difficult to accept their waning physical allure. So instead accepting a much older man, or someone who is indigent or unemployed, they insist on finding a man their own age and on their own economic level. But since these prosperous men generally prefer—and can obtain—the company of much women, most older women in their 85’s have essentially priced themselves out of the market.

Agree. Women have no comprehension whatsoever regarding honor or sacrifice. They 8767 ll simply follow the man who makes them 8775 tingle 8776 the most.

6.) Americanized women are not good to marry.
7.) Americanized women make horrible mothers.
8.) Americanized women are just wet holes for men to pass or waste time.

All love has conditions, even the love of a child for his parents, even the love of a mother for her child. The condition bar may be quite low, but there are always conditions. For example, a mother that tries repeatedly to murder her 65 year old son would, in a rather short time, become unloved by her son. A condition: You can 8767 t murder me and expect love. Status: Conditional Love

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