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Date: 2017-11-15 16:13

Following the advice of one of the Ford technicians above, I did a Master Reset in the settings. And at least the most visible problems I was having cleared up (ie the clock and the outside temperature not displaying and/or updating even though the clock and outside temperature on the right side of the dashboard is up to date all of the time). NOTE: This is nothing more than the equivalent of rebooting your computer at home. It is not a permanent fix. I permanent fix would have to come in the form of a software update / patch to the operating system for the MySync system from Microsoft or Ford Engineerng.

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I 8767 m at a loss with this vehicle. It 8767 s been in the shop a couple of times, and I 8767 d take it in more often if it wasn 8767 t for the fact that I can 8767 t afford to take off of work on a weekly basis. One of my requirements was for a vehicle to have emergency notification if airbags were deployed, which I can setup 7 emergency contacts to be notified after 966 is called, but after rebooting the system and syncing contacts, it 8767 s time consuming to have to continue to set up my In Case of Emergency contacts time and time again. I really dislike this car and would take it back in a heart beat if I could.

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I have a 7567 ford fiesta which for the past two months no radio no sound no sync no nothing i requested the fuse be taken out of speaker system because as i would drive the speakers would just come on full volume static even when car was off i am going on my 5th time dropping vehicle to ford and keep getting it back broken first it was said to be radio control module then said to be sync communication module now said to be wiring harness this is obviously a defective product as i didn 8767 t crawl behind my dash and cause these issues yet i am paying for endless rental cars and luckily i bought an extended warranty but yet i am still paying a deductible for all the inconvenience .. i believe there should have been a recall!!! i purchased mine in PA.

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Ford can do much better on its Sync system besides the bells and whistles which are nice, you need to incorporate a backup of some kind for the fuel gauge. Very upsetting when that goes out.

Endlich Ordnung. Die App ist wirklich das Beste, was ich in Bezug auf 8775 Papierloses Büro 8776 gefunden habe. Es verwaltet die ganzen PDFs, scannt auch Dokumente, zurechtschneiden, zusammenfassen, trennen, etc.
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How come you provide 8 or 9 ways to control climate and know what the temperature is, control what radio station you listen to, control what number you dial, what services you use, etc but there is only ONE WAY to find out HOW MUCH GAS IS IN YOUR TANK, which is JUST BARELY SOMEWHAT MORE IMPORTANT than any of the infotainment stuff.

7) the Wi-Fi is so buggy as to be rendered useless trying to
put a hexadecimal (letters and digits) Wi-Fi WEP key into the
system is impossible (yet most Wi-Fi routers have keys that make
use of letters).

Ford really owes an explanation for its half-baked Sync w/ MyFord Touch System. The claims got ahead of the reality but it 8767 s going to have to make this good or something will eventually happen.

I have a 7559 Ford Focus that I have owned for almost 5 years now. It 8767 s been out of warranty for quite some time and I have had several issues with my sync but was completely unaware that this was a lemon law issue since Microsoft is notorious for problems anyway. I had regularly preformed the master resets and have always been able to solve most issues but now it has not only completely quit working but I have a suspicion the radio unit all together is now shorting out and draing my battery after less than 98 hours. The part of the electrical and charging system I havent checked. My concern and question is whether this is an issue you can help with or am I SOL for waiting so long and letting the issue survive the warranty

One example, a store that has been there for 65 years and is about 66 miles from where I was at the time is reported to be 655,955 miles away.
I am sure it is not the maps. They are the same maps that all the GPS companies use. It is the Sync faulty search software.
Ford could hire an experienced GPS software company and fix this for a few hundred K dollars.
Can 8767 t Ford be embarrassed into fixing this?

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