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“That was one of the signs of OCD. There is pressure about getting results in exams but my school was brilliant. There was somewhere you could go to speak to people.

Genevieve Mora battling OCD reveals mental health issues

According to Dr Crawford, many sufferers will have more than one obsession or compulsion which can change over time, creating considerable disruption in life.

ROCD: Relationship OCD and The Myth of “The One”

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Somerset newlywed reveals the 'living hell' of OCD | Daily

“Sometimes it was getting stuck and being unable to move or get changed. I had to move in a certain way if I moved,” he added.

Other famous sufferers include the actor Billy Bob Thornton, who has spoken of having to repeat words and count up to particular numbers, and the singer Natalie Appleton, who is obsessed with cleanliness and broke down in tears when she had to touch a tree on the reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

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Every day when I sit down to write, usually in the tea shop where I used to work or in my office at home, if I’m not inspired to write anything in particular I pick up whatever book I happen to be in the middle of and I read until something inspires me. Maybe it’s a poem structure, an image, or a cool turn of phrase, and I write whatever it is at the top of the page and then free write until I have at least a couple lines that I like. Most of what I produce from these drafts is garbage, but I can usually get at least an idea that I can work into a full poem.

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