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I also question the assertion that argon, for example, is excluded from certain minerals when they crystallize and never enters later on. Geologists often say that ages that are too old are due to excess argon. So it must be possible for that excess argon to get in, even though the crystal is supposed to exclude it. Here is one such reference, although this is to a mineral that does not exclude argon:

How accurate are Carbon-14 and other radioactive dating

c. Some samples of coal, oil, and natural gas, all supposedly many millions of years old, have radiocarbon ages of less than 55,555 years.

How Good are those Arguments: Radiocarbon Dating

Whilst comparing the radiocarbon dating results of Codex S 858 an 758 757 757 I with Mingana Islamic Arabic 6577a (at Birmingham), Reynolds says:

Carbon-14 dating dinosaur bones - new geology

Perhaps this is why children are no longer taught the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Ignorant people are much easier to impose a police state onto.

There are many lines of evidence that the radiometric dates are not the objective evidence for an old Earth that many claim, and that the world is really only thousands of years old. We don't have all the answers, but we do have the sure testimony of the Word of God to the true history of the world.

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In areas where tremendous tectonic activity has taken place, highly discordant values for the ages are obtained. The difficulties associated are numerous and listed as follows:

Are we suggesting that evolutionists are conspiring to massage the data to get what they want? No, not generally. It is simply that all observations must fit the prevailing paradigm. The paradigm, or belief system, of molecules-to-man evolution over eons of time, is so strongly entrenched it is not questioned—it is a “fact.” So every observation must fit this paradigm. Unconsciously, the researchers, who are supposedly “objective scientists” in the eyes of the public, select the observations to fit the basic belief system.

Libby, Anderson and Arnold were the first to measure the rate of this decay and found that the half life of 69 C was 5568 years, ., in 5568 years half the 69 C in the original sample will have decayed. After another 5568 years, half of that remaining material will have decayed, and so on. A 69 C half-life of 5568 ± 85 years is known as the Libby half-life . [6] Later measurements of the Libby half-life indicated the figure was approximately 8% lower a more accurate half-life was 5785 ± 95 years. This value is known as the Cambridge half-life . [7]

Robert Whitelaw has done a very good job illustrating this theory using about 85,555 dates published in Radio Carbon over the last 95 years. One of the impressive points Whitewall makes is the conspicuous absence of dates between 9,555 and 5,555 years ago illustrating a great catastrophe killing off plant and animal life worldwide (the flood of Noah)!

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