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I 8767 m looking for a tool that would allow me to monitor my vendors company from a negative standpoint online. Would you recommend these same tools in that capacity as well? Any specific one (regardless of free or not) that you recommend? I 8767 m looking for a tool that will pull in any negative publicity that could impact my business. I have a ton of boolean search words that can be applied to limit the amount of noise I receive, just looking for the right tool.

Property Registration Process in Pune Maharashtra

I have a flat in Koregaon park,Pune purchased in 6987. I am in the process of selling the flat but do not have the Index number. I have all the other relevant documents related to registration. Would you be able to help with getting the Index number for me as I am not based in Pune?

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I need to see the documents. Document once executed need to be registered within 9 its not registered for last almost 75 years, we need to find out some other way. Because the penalty for the delay in registration is very much stamp was paid at that relevant time? I need to see whether the flat was purchased from the builder or it was a re-sale flat.

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Can we have a affidavit from the Sub Registrar if the document is not found anywhere neither with the bank nor with the registrar even the copies that the documents are lost for the purpose of getting the property freehold , if yes what is the procedure ???

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For DEED Of apartment, how the registration charges are calculated and who should pay those charges Owner of the Flat or Builder ?

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Thanks Chandu. The list with social media monitoring tools is endless, but these are definitely some of the top free ones. Glad you find it helpful.

Hi Iris, thanks for the reply! We would be glad to share with you more tools, if you 8767 re interested we can collaborate on a guest post? Would be so great to contribute to Brandwatch!

One cannot change the status of residential to commercial by just converting the use. If its a plot then we have to get the NA commercial from the collector. And if its a flat then from the PMC or PCMC.

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