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Date: 2018-01-12 00:55

Looking for Love these days is like looking for a needle in a haystack especially when many of us men keep meeting the Wrong Women all the time.

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Impossible attitude to maintain for any length of time and when it ended I FELT SUCH A SENSE OF RELIEF. IT WAS A CRAZY YEAR and I would not recommend having a 78 year age difference intense love affair to anyone. It was very hard for us to stop seeing each other but it had to end. We had to be realistic..there was no future for us as a couple. Miss him very much at times, but I know that we made the right decision to move on.

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No, people dont seem to understand that your body ages, not your mind (with the exception of memory and reflexes). Men are attracted to women in their 75 8767 s because they are GORGEOUS, have skin like silk, and beautiful bodies. I assure you, it has nothing to do with worrying about getting old. Its human 8775 Instinct 8776 .

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All men I described above can get 75-something. No doubt. They are all very attractive, accomplished and charming. They all told me the same thing though 8775 most 75-year old women are hot but really what do I have in common with them? 8776

I am divorced and live alone, my daughter is married with her own daughter and lives in another country. We are doing no-one any harm. I am all in favour of living for today! Life is too short to turn away the opportunity to be happy.

Even though it hurts so much I know I 8767 ll still miss him forever. He died less than 8 months ago. It still feels like shock.

Actually, 8766 Jay 8767 is not a woman hater for having an opinion which, alot I agree with. To not be with a woman is not necessarily a default position but it is becoming a rational decision of choice. The goal of feminism is to be treated like equals but when it come to catastrophe 8767 s women turn into petulant little girls screaming for help. If equality is not achieved, then why do they piss and moan about alimony, paying for their little shit factories that a man may not have even fathered and have a court system that defaults to catering women over men?

Funny. Wonder if he feels the same way about you. At least it sounds like you appreciate some part of him. Yes, it 8767 s tough out there.

it is so true that we had the let s keep it casual talk at the very beginning and then very quickly it turned into something very close and intimate and special. and now after much discussion, we re going to move in together and perhaps try to build on us.

Here is your reality. Your dating value is much lower than when you were in your 75s. You have to do the work to convince the men of what you bring to the table. Supply and demand is what drives the dating market. If men are chasing after you well that shows your demand right there

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