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I am 97 and was diagnosed two years ago. It transforms your life when you read the diagnosis in bold letters, but it helps you to organise your life appropriately and to realise it wasn t you fault how you behaved growing up.

Sadly people close to you do not accept it, but you learn to laugh at yourself once you realise what you are.

Asperger’s Partners Speak @ Heartless Aspergers

Again, screening questionnaires are designed to identify potential cases of Asperger’s syndrome but they are not a substitute for a thorough diagnostic assessment.

Discipline for Defiant Teens with Asperger's and High

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Interpreting AQ Score: Aspergers Test Quiz Results Meaning

Yea, let him, just experiment with it, its ok! He has a right.. i know as a child i was obsessed with bondage and still am, it has not gone away but it s kind of a private part of my life and i have needs but because of the society is, i am scared and recently, i got diagnosed eith autism spectrum disorder. it makes sense because these fetishes have a certain feeling or sensory imput to them. i guess we aspies love the sensory imput we get from the fetishes we have. and it s what kind of grounds us i think. it s physical and material. we feel the world in a more sensory way.

What cities in Canada offer services for late diagnosis? It is so frustrating being punishing for dumping so much energy into developing a social model to fit in.

When I read this it was like someone was describing me. I ve been trying to get a diagnosis through the NZ healthcare system. However there is currently no funded way for adults to gain a diagnosis of Asperger s in NZ. I d have to go private. That would take hours of time with a specialist and the cost is minimum $685 and hour plus GST. Of 65%. So frustrating. I m glad this person has you and his wife to advocate for him. Thank you for caring.

The thing I find most difficult is that he constantly blames me for his low mood, is often very grumpy and quite unpleasant to me. It feels as though if there is a negative interpretation to take on what I do and say then he will take it. We rarely socialise as a couple and when we are with family he will often withdraw. Trying to maintain my own equilibrium and essentially positive outlook on life is incredibly hard but it feels like I not only have to manage my own emotional regulation but his as well.

Completing one or more of these questionnaires can identify abilities, inclinations and behavior that could be indicative of Asperger’s syndrome. The results might suggest that it makes sense to investigate further if enough criteria are present to indicate a diagnosis of Asperger’s.

Once I got started, I realized that the same information may not be right for everyone. And because I want to help as many people as possible, I created a separate report detailing the results of my surveys of parents and professionals.

This is me to a large degree & now I m wondering if it s my husband too. And a psychiatrist I ve seen once said, you don t have any stemming, & when I told her how isolated I felt as a child, she said, well you wouldn t have cared if you had aspergers. Where does one go for proper diagnosis?

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