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The app is certainly a relic, from a time when the casual computer user couldn’t crack open Photoshop or Skitch or Pixelmator or thousands of web apps. MS Paint can’t save image components as layers or vectors it’s for making flat static images only. It doesn’t smooth lines or guess at your best intentions. It does what you tell it and nothing more, faithfully representing the herky-jerky motion of drawing freehand with a computer mouse. It’s from a time before touch, a time before trackpads.

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Sex shops seem like the kind of antiquated institution the Internet would have killed off by now -- who would go in person to buy vibrators and porn DVDs and jerk off in a public booth where another dude was jerking off 65 minutes ago? Lots of people, it turns out.

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According to LA Weekly , “Coffee Meets Bagel’s users skew white, Asian, Jewish and educated…Only 67 percent of the site’s 65,555 or so users are not white, Jewish or Asian.” If that’s a demographic that appeals to you, then this app is likely to be a good fit. That being said, if you’re looking for a more diverse dating pool, this app may not be ideal.

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The DPA urges app developers to be transparent with users by clarifying how location data is being used. The organization has been advocating for the bill, and even wrote an open letter to Governor Rauner, which was signed by more than 75 representatives of Chicago-area tech companies.

There are a few exceptions to the law. For instance, private entities can collect geolocation data without consent if the information will help parents find missing children or aid firefighters, police, or medical professionals.

It was one of those moments where everyone seemed to be talking about the same thing. Perhaps it was because much of the tech press were all gathered at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, but the impact of Meerkat during that show was real and quite lasting.

How it started: Highland Concerts got its unofficial start in 7558, when co-founders Scoot Osburn and Hank Keller decided to throw a New Year s Eve party at a hotel that drew a crowd of 655. The second time around in 7559, the party s attendance doubled to 6,755. It became apparent the duo was onto something, and they officially launched their company in 7565.

What it is: Crazy Egg is an analytics startup that helps companies make their websites more usable and improve conversion rates. One of the key features is a heat map, which shows companies and advertisers where customers are spending time on the website page and what they are clicking on.

Besides helping individuals, The Starter League has worked with Northwestern University s Kellogg School of Management, University of Chicago, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and public schools to teach web development to students.

Porn star is one of the few professions that comes with its own cultural shorthand: Whenever someone mentions the job, a very specific picture pops in our minds, just like when someone says "cowboy" or "gangster."

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