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I 8767 m trying to develop a system where 95% of the money earned is transferred to customers in a reward system, and only 65% is actually taken by me as an operating expense. So I definitely need to ensure that I 8767 m only paying taxes on the 65% and not the whole 655% (as the taxes alone would dwarf my profit).

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I have a 6 month contract and at my hourly rate it would be just under $85K so I am not sure if I should register or not. If I incur overtime then there is a possibility I could go over the $85K mark. If however, I have to make these double CPP contributions then I am reconsidering my decision to register and get a GST view?

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These scams typically involve individuals that make offers for telecommunications, Internet, finance, medical and energy services. This category of scams may also include offers such as extended warranties, insurance, and door 8759 to 8759 door sales.

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Typically at such a low level of income it wouldn 8767 t be advisable to incorporate due to the increased costs. The start-up costs have been touched upon before in the blog, but on an ongoing basis the costs are higher as well. This is mainly due to the fact that a corporation has to file additional (read more complicated and time consuming) reports.

Parts of Toronto have a visible homeless population, many of whom will ask you for money. This can be a bit startling for newcomers from outside North America. You do not need to give them money and can simply say "no, thank you," or ignore them. They nearly always leave you alone. There have been occasional occurrences of aggressive homeless people, with one resulting in a fatality. If a person becomes aggressive, move away quickly and alert a police officer.

Now, we have broken up, and I 8767 m not interested in getting any part of the house, alimony, etc (that was always our verbal agreement). I have no assets myself.

Do you have any recommendation on where I can find liability insurance that is low cost for this purpose? Currently the quote I received is way over my budget as a small sole proprietor.

Best Practice Don 8767 t pay for things unless your name is on title. For instance, don 8767 t make half of the home payments unless your name is on title to the home.

I was wondering if my 8775 common law partner 8776 ( we have not lived together for 8 years, we have been together for 8 months he has lived with me for 7 months.)is able to take half of my property if we decide to brake up at anytime. Can he take my home which was purchased by myself, after 8 years of living together or only after being married because than the home become the matrimonial home?
Feeling confused about alot of stuff.
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Aslo we have joint name in house title. I paid 65k and she paid 5k downpay when purchased home. I paid all the mortgage and property tax for the past 8 years. Will she take half of the house sold price by law? Or can I get my down payment and paid mortgage portion back. And only share the sold profit evenly.

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