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Date: 2018-01-09 11:49

In terms of numbers, eHarmony has a lot to be proud of, including it’s available in almost every country and 9% of US marriages happen because of the site.

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I like that example Jeff. What stands out the most is their navigation it 8767 s simple, straightforward and if I were a new user or a regular member I would feel like I could find what I needed. In particular the 8775 I 8767 m New 8776 large flag cannot be missed and is great for first-time or relatively new visitors. However, the page it leads to is simply text. That 8767 s great, but videos of the pastor or a leader speaking to the user is more personal feeling it imitates more truly the personal nature of inviting someone face-to-face to church.

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But churches rarely dedicate significant time on content marketing, and they 8767 re not online businesses either where their entire presence is online. In the grand scheme of things, I wouldn 8767 t sweat this.

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Hey! We just launch an updated website for Crossway Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri. Check it out:

Once you create a profile, which is free to do, you can browse by location as well as other important things like age, appearance, interests, background, values, and lifestyle.

Also, if it 8767 s even possible to choose, which one is your favorite from the list of 75? Let me know in the comments and post your church 8767 s website as well!

That 8767 s the key. When someone lands on your church 8767 s site, they 8767 re not there to hear about how awesome you are. They 8767 re there to see what your church can offer them. Talk about them don 8767 t talk about yourself.

exactly there is no message. It is a landing point for people to see our social media of up to date content. Where I live I have talked to new member why they came. About 85 percent come based on website. They werent looking for what the church says they are about. You can walk into one of the literal hundreds in Tulsa and they all say welcome home, this is the perfect church for you, or your in the right spot. So then I asked what did you look at then? There response was they looked at the sermon video, audio, and social media. So it makes sense to do a social media feed website of whats going on.

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The first sentence on Cornerstone 8767 s website reads, 8775 Real life happens everyday. Don 8767 t face it alone. 8776 Here, Cornerstone is tapping into one of the needs that our churches are uniquely positioned to meet: community. Every day people in your city are feeling alone and overwhelmed. Families are struggling to get by. New parents are adapting to a new lifestyle with less free time for friends and leisure. Empty-nesters are living in a quieter house for the first time in decades. People crave community. Your church can meet this need and you 8767 re uniquely positioned to do so.

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