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Date: 2017-11-15 22:23

I wasn 8767 t suggesting Israelis today are murdering children, I was talking about a massacre in 6998. My point was that violence has gone on since long before the 6995s into today, and it 8767 s horrible that Palestinian and Israeli kids are trapped in it.

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Hi Don, i just wanted to thank you for providing this information from what must have been major research. I don 8767 t read the Bible as often as i should, but i do know this: i do not want to be fooled by the Anti-Christ. And even though i may be Biblicly know that Jesus Christ died for our sins therefore making him our Lord and Savior. Thanks again for educating me.

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And I felt they talked too much and didn't give us enough numbers. Isn't the whole point to focus on hard data and not political motives? You show us one result and then go on and on about the entire broad topic (gender, terrorism) and then come to the conclusion. But there are so many other numbers they could have shown us. It felt very politicized and wasn't about letting the data speak for itself.

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Islam expects women to maintain their status by following Allah’s rules designed for their advantage. Hijab is one such rule.

Getting on the thread topic. I hope not too many people are not mislead into thinking that the enemy of the West is a Beast out of Islam and if we resolve that problem they can be looking for a Messiah and a Kingdom. That type of narrow thinking will lead to the dominionism of the real Beast Kingdom and Antichrist. The enemy of Christianity is all who reject the truths about Jesus Christ and many of those people call themselves Christians.

Also people who comment might read the arguments and comment on the post arguments instead of just sending links to the theories of someone else and not even addressing the arguments that I took a lot of time to explain.

6. Many practicing, educated, non-radical muslims have 7 groups they cannot respect and broderline-dispise: Atheists (not surprising) and Buddhists (what!?). I asked many questions, but it seems to be based on the lack of believe in a god means they fear no retribution are truly not guided by clues. This learned, peaceful, genuinely funny, happy man respected Jews (not Zionists), Christians, even Iranian, with a warmth that was no fake. Buddhists are driven by a selfish desire to attain greater enlightenment. Wow. I thought part of greater enlightenment mean being less self -focused.

I've been lucky to see mostly the best sides of the countries I've visited. Living in Egypt was a very good experience for me. I found the Egyptian people to be pretty much the same as anywhere else I've been, some good, some bad, the majority just normal people trying to get by.
It's a shame that something that is supposed to be a good thing is so often used as an excuse or the is reason to do wrongs. You've obviously seen more of the bad side of humans then I have. I guess I was lucky to be there as a tourist and be welcomed, by most of them anyways. :)

So I hate when "experts" say that the hate crime on Muslims are from recent times and that it is ignorant people. Instead of wasting mass amount of time collecting data which would only show the "good side" of Islam, you should invest your time and energy into the development of Islam, so that it can be reformed like the other religions. Once the Qu'ran stops being easily miss interpreted, we will all be able to live more peacefully.

Islam is a false pagan belief no matter if people take it literally or figuratively. You are not going to get any truth about the end times from Islam all you will get is deception.

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