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Happy me, they had done some legwork and had the link to , the original source of much of the 8775 Actor-Hoax 8776 photos.

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Joe, they murdered many millions in Germany and Eastern Europe. They have attacked us many times here and killed many of the children. Plus on average 655 white women are in the USA every day.

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I don 8767 t speak German much and so don 8767 t really know what goes on here but my personal experience leads me to believe the press is not really free.

How about the murder of the late and former judge Kerstin Heisig, hung from a tree in the woods, her dog slaughered besides?

I 8767 ve read more than most. I 8767 ve been reading this stuff for 85 years. It 8767 s a shame I wish I was born in any country, but this one. I don 8767 t know why half the whites haven 8767 t left. Each of us should look at our children and I would not want to have small children now.

In small towns, everyone knows everyone else. If Gene Rosen, for an example, were an imposter actor, someone would have noticed the moment he opened his mouth and complained.

Years ago I read story by an ex-employee of the Bronfmans. He talked about how Bronfman wanted to be 8775 King of the Jews. 8776

The USA is riddled with underground tunnels, only God knows where they took them and what really happened to them. Very sick saddening stuff.

Some of the town residents of Grover Mills, NJ turned out with their hunting rifles and shot up the town water tower, believing it to be one of the Martian fighting machines, despite the fact that they knew perfectly well the tower had been there for years and had seen it that evening before sundown.

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